This motherboard is interesting, its like a motherboard with KVM built-in. Well at the first look there are 2 vga connectors, whcih means it cam work on 2 lcd or monitors; however, there is only one ps-2 mouse connector and one keyboard connector.

Well, it actually comes with the y-cable for 2 keyboard/ 2 mouse.

Support Socket 462for AMD AthlonXP/Athlon /Duron TM uni-proccessor at 200/266/333MHz Front Side Bus with double data rate

nVIDIA nForce2 IGP North Bridge
nVIDIA nForce2 MCP South Bridge

CPU Bus Frequency
CPU Bus Frequency , Choose One Step Add 1MHz From 100MHz Up to 232MHz in BIOS Setup (Frequency Magic Setting)

MagicTwin Connectivity
USB-to-PS/2 converter manages I/O devices and assigned user access

2-User Function
With PS/2 Y-Cable support 2-Kerboard,2-Mouse function
Bundle MagicTwin Application Sofeware support single PC system runs up to two stations in WindowsXP Operation System

Support Jumpless Function by BIOS SETUP Let Users More Easier to Change The Frequency

Expansion Slot
Three 32-bit PCI Bus Master slots
One 8X AGP slot

System Memory
3 x 184-pin DDR Module Socket support Dual Channel DDR266/DDR333 DDR SDRAM up to 3GB System memory.

On Board IDE
Support 2 X IDE Connectors for up to 4 IDE Drives
Support PIO Mode 3 and Mode 4 and Bus Master IDE DMA, Mode 4 Timing for up to 16M Bytes/s
Support UTRA DMA-133 Bus Master IDE, Provide faster transfer rate up to 133M Bytes/s
Support LS-120 / ZIP Device

On Board LAN
nVIDIA MAC with Media Independent Interface(MII) for corperate 100/10 BaseT Fast Ethernet/Ethernet
Support IEEE 802.3 Dual Channel DMA

On Board VGA
256 bit 2D3D graphics accelerator
Intergrated GeForce4 MX Graphics Processing Unit
Integrated TV-Out encoder through external bracket
Support 1920 x 1440 @ 75Hz

Support 8X AGP VGA Mode for 266MHz of AD and SBA signaling
Pipelined split transaction long-burst transfers up to 2GB/sec
1.5V AGP Card Only

On Board 3D Audio
Software Audio Controller with Onboard 6-Channel CODEC Compliant to AC97′
Support 3D urround & Positioning , Full Duplex

On Board Ultra I/O
2 X Serial Ports (16550 Fast UART Compatible)
1 X Parallel Port (EPP and ECP capabilities)
1 X Floppy Disk Connector (Supports 2 Floppy Drivers)
1 X PS2 Mouse Connector
1 X Keybord Cnnector
2 X Three Wire FAN Connector (Include CPU FAN)
1 X LINE IN / LINE OUT / Microphone Connector
1 X Game Port Connector (Support Two Joysticks)
2 X Analog Audio CD Music line Connectors (different connector)
1 X Consumer IR Connector
1 X Standard IR Connector (Infrared)

Winbond Hareware Doctor
Winbond Hareware Doctor to Track CPU & SYSTEM Temperature, Voltage, Fan speed, Monitoring your Computer

CPU overhead protect
Auto shut down power supply when CPU over heat to protect CPU
On Board USB
5 X USB 2.0 Ports Connector
Support USB Keyboard & USB Mouse

Power Saving
ACPI/APM Power Management
Modem Ring remote wake up
RTC Alarm Wake up
Support Software Suspend & Power off
Wake on LAN For OS
Support Power Button Ride (Instant off or Delay 4 second power off)
Powre Fail Recovery support

Power Supply
Support 20-pin ATX power supply (ATX-PW)
Support ATX12V Power Supply

Award BIOS , Support Green function, Plug and Play Function
2MBit Flash ROM

ATX Form Factor with 30.5cm X 21cm

I also have another version of this 2-users motherboard, running on socket 478, named MAGIC TWIN, Model PT880MTWIN, will list later.


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