Design :

M-ATX form factor 4 layers PCB size: 24.4x23cm
Chipset :

nVidia GeForce 6100 Graphic Processing Unit Chipset(C51G)
nVidia nForce 430 Media and Communication Processor Chipset
LAN Chip : Integrated Marvell 10/100/1000 LAN PHY chip
Audio Chip : Realtek ALC850 8 Channel AC’97 Digital Audio controller
CPU Socket :

Support 64bit AMD Athlon64 / Athlon64 X2 939-Pin package utilizes Flip-Chip Pin Grid Array package processor
Support 1GHz Hypersport(2000MT/s)
Support up to 4000+ processor
Reserves support for future AMD Athlon64 939-pin processors
Memory Socket :

184-pin DDR Module socket x 4
Supports 4pcs DDR266/DDR333/DDR400
Expandable to 4.0GB
Supports Dual channel function

Expansion Slot & Headers :

1 PCI-Express 16x slot deliver up to 8GB/s concurrent bandwidth
1 PCI-Express 1x slot deliver up to 512MB/s concurrent bandwidth
32-bit PCI slot x 2pcs for the most popular and cost-effective expansion cards for multimedia and communications.

Integrate IDE and Serial ATA2 RAID :

Two PCI IDE controllers support PCI Bus Mastering, ATA
PIO/DMA and the ULTRA DMA 33/66/100/133 functions that deliver the data transfer rate up to 133 MB/s;
Four Serial ATA2 ports provide 300MB/sec data transfer rate for Four Serial ATA
Devices can offer RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 0+1functions
Multi I/O :
PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse connectors
Floppy disk drive connector x1
Parallel port x1
Serial port x1
USB2.0 port x 4 and headers x 4(connecting cable option)
Audio connector (SPDIF-in, SPDIF-out, Line-in, Line-out, MIC/ 8CH Audio)


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