Assembled using exclusive ROG overclocking capabilities and highly durable components, with onboard Intel® Thunderbolt™ and mPCIe implementation

Manila, Philippines  – among all Intel® Z77-based motherboards, the ASUS ROG Maximus V Extreme takes overclocking and competitive benchmarking the furthest, supporting the full range of 2nd and 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors. To empower overclockers, it ships with the exclusive ROG OC Key™ attachment, which includes detailed OSD TweakIt and OSD Monitor for deep system parameter modification. To accommodate truly experimental modding, the new board includes Subzero Sense™ technology, which can quickly detect even deep-freeze cooling of critical components. VGA Hotwire™ headers have been added for easier but precise and complete DIY voltage regulation, and native 10Gbps Intel® Thunderbolt™ support combines display and high speed data transfer capabilities into one streamlined arrangement for faster data transfers and better visuals. To ensure absolute graphics power, the Maximus V Extreme has five…

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