hi, actually this blog is created for the back-up of my site : http://www.usedmobos.com, my blog has been suspended by blogspot.com due to too many SEO links and later I registered a web site.

I discovered that wordpress.com has a reblog features which I find useful for bloggers who really read and follow other blogs which they find interesting or useful.

For me, it is always a courtesy to like then reblog or follow, like and reblog. That really will be fair for the contributor and we actually provide a link to their blog too.

As for me, I am dealing with 2nd-hand pc parts, like motherboards, graphic cards, sound cards, network cards, etc.

My site : http://www.usedhdd.net, http://www.pcisound.com, http://www.pciegraphiccards.com, http://www.usedmobos.com

All these blogs/sites are created for the convenience of my customers to see the details and specifications, or download drivers, if you need drivers, just go ahead and download or copy the post, I don’t mind at all. 🙂

Well, I also like travelling and music, blogging alot, you may google just ebay123justdoit, reading, learning new skills, now going into adobe after effect and the essentials. I will post it in makeherbusy blog later.

I am surprised to learn that wordpress.com actually generates less visitors than blogspot.com, and you have to pay for it in order to have adsense included. (unless you sign for the pro, if not you need to generate 500,000 visitors, correct me if I am wrong, in order to have adsense, which I find it quite ridiculous as in order to generate that you actually need how many post or space to have them posted)




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